IATA/ATNS Distance Learning Schedule 2021

From 2014 ATNS Aviation Training Academy became an IATA ATC (Authorised Training Centre) expanding on its IATA portfolio of courses.

Diploma Programme

IATA will award a Diploma to those who successfully complete the required prerequisite/main course and other elective courses over a maximum of a three-year period. A total of four courses are therefore required to obtain a particular Diploma. To successfully complete a course and receive a certificate, a candidate must achieve a passing mark of 70% on any assignment or exam, except for security courses, where the passing mark is 80%. To achieve a distinction, a candidate must obtain 90%.

Please remember to forward clear copies of all four certificates to Minen Pillai to send to IATA Geneva in order to issue the relevant Diploma. Delegates will be contacted once the Diploma has arrived for collection. Please keep certificates safe – should they be misplaced IATA now charges $100 to reprint certificates and ship them from Geneva, Switzerland.