ATSEP-: Systems of Equipment Rating.

Course Aim:

This training course is designed to impart system and equipment knowledge and skills leading towards operational competence in routine and corrective maintenance procedures for the Direction-Finding Equipment – RHOTHETA RT-1000. This course is in support of ICAO, Doc. 7192 (Part E-2) Air
Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP), and phases two of the Qualification Training in Navigation.

Course Duration:

1 Week (5 work days, 40 Hours).

Entry Requirements:

Participants must have successfully completed the ATSEP Phase 1 – Basic training course, or an equivalent course, introducing navigational concepts.
Participants must have completed a tertiary qualification, with a minimum of 160 credits, in Electronic/Electrical Engineering.


The course will be conducted in the English language.


The training methods employed will consist of facilitated classroom lectures, group discussions, practical demonstrations and exercises on the RHOTHETA RT-1000 Equipment.