Course Aim:

To develop a solid foundation in Cable theory and practice. To obtain a basic understanding and insight of the installation and practical cabling aspects.

Course Duration:

2 Weeks.


Demonstrate practical competency with the Construction of various cables and connectors with the ability, where applicable, to apply it. Demonstrate competency in the knowledge of the different types of Noise and Interference, its causes and methods of reducing or eliminating, and the ability, where applicable, to apply it.

Entry Requirements:

Basic knowledge of computers and electronics


The course will be conducted in the English language. French/English dictionaries will be used as aids.


To provide participants with a basic understanding of the Overview of the Communications Technology: Voice, RF and Data Communications cabling, Selection of Cables, Types of Cables, Connections and Terminations, Noise and Interference and Practical Construction of various cables and connectors.


The training methods employed will consist of classroom lectures & discussions, practical tasks & applications and a tour to a communication centre.

Contact Person:

To enrol on this course please contact Mr. Sibusiso Habile email: