This self-study diploma will provide new graduates looking to join the air transport industry or professionals looking to move into the industry, with a solid understanding of the industry.

Learn about the history of aviation, its different components and interdependencies among: airlines, airports, civil aviation authorities and air navigation services that needs to work in harmony in order to ensure safety and efficiency. You will also discover proficient and effective ways of increasing sales and revenue with the right marketing strategy.

Target audience:
New graduates AND young professionals or professionals looking to switch career.

Upon completion of this diploma you will be able to:
➢ Outline the history of aviation
➢ Explain how different aviation entities are dependent on each other in order to provide a safe and efficient aviation environment
➢ Describe strategic methods in order to increase and manage revenue
➢ Analyse how effective marketing strategies are developed within the aviation industry
➢ Describe the importance of customer service

Key topics:
➢ Aviation history
➢ Aviation authorities and government entities
➢ Marketing principles
➢ Revenue Management
➢ Airline Customer Service

Required Course: Overview of the Air Transportation System

Elective Courses: (choose any 3)
➢ Airline Customer Service
➢ Air Transport Fundamentals
➢ Introduction to the Airline Industry
➢ Airline Marketing
➢ Airline Revenue Management