ATNS Aviation Training Academy (ATA)

It is our vision to be a major contributing partner towards ensuring aviation safety in Africa through our training efforts. We are committed to world best practices and undertake to give each client the skills and knowledge to successfully take on the challenges faced by providers of Air Traffic Control and technical services.

As a TRAINAIR Plus FULL member and ICAO Regional Training Center of Excellence, the management of the Academy is uncompromising in delivering quality goods and services in accordance with ISO 9001 standards . Only professional instructors and quality personnel , coupled with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, are used in the ATNS ATA Training value chain. This ensures that all training programmes are delivered to exemplary international training standards.

As an International Air Transport Association (IATA) regional training provider, the ATNS ATA was awarded IATA’s Worldwide Top Regional Training Partner for several years running. This partnership has culminated in the ATNS ATA qualifying as IATA’s 2016 Premier Circle Member.

Learning & Development

Educational Quality Assurance

The department is responsible for the administration of written and online examinations and assessments. The department is also responsible for the administration of the recognition of prior learning (RPL). The department is also responsible for:

  • Accreditation and certification of the Academy
  • Quality Management System (SMS) and Regulatory requirements.

Client Relations

ATA prides itself with ensuring the students well-being before, during and after their interaction with the Academy. This is achieved by:

  • Establishing sound relationship with client before meeting at ATA and strengthening relationship upon meeting client at ATA by inducting them.
  • Strengthening relationship while at ATA and ensure students’ needs are always provided.
  • Ensuring Alumni database and infrastructure is operational and updated.
  • Managing student affairs and stakeholder management.
  • Managing end of course functions and graduation ceremonies.
  • Managing Client Service Evaluations and daily feedback.
  • Managing Reception.

Teaching, Learning and Design

TL&D oversees the entire course development value chain, inclusive of the research and development function.

  • Management of Client Service request.
  • Design and development of new Teaching and learning course material.
  • Review of current teaching and learning material.
  • Management of the academic resource centre to ensure currency and availability.

Training Support and Administration

Training Support and Administration provides the following services:

  • Student Registrations and Academic Records
  • Course Coordination and Administration
  • Course Manuals, Certificates and Stationery
  • Maintenance of Air Traffic Control Simulators and Engineering Laboratories
  • Facility Management and Maintenance including; Building Infrastructure, Security and Fire Prevention, IT Network, Lecture Rooms, Boardrooms and Auditorium, Cleaning and Hygiene, Pest Control and Waste Management, Parking Facilities, Emergency Water and Electricity Services.
  • Financial Management, Reporting and Administration
  • Cafeteria and Student Accommodation
  • Academy Transport Management
  • Delivery of ATNS Training Partnership Courses with IATA and ICAO

Training Delivery

Engineering Training

The department is responsible for the engineering training component in the entire value chain of the engineering systems lifecycle. The training element further looks at encompassing the:

  • Presentation of Engineering Training courses to meet customer needs.
  • Provide Engineering support for training on ATM/CNS equipment.
  • Stakeholder engagement and administrative support.
  • Project management and training systems deployment.

Air Traffic Services

ATNS ATA is approved by the CAA to provide the following air traffic control training courses:

  • Basic Course. Ab initio (Core Content)
  • Aerodrome Control rating course
  • Approach Control Procedural rating course
  • Approach Control Surveillance rating course
  • Area control Procedural rating course
  • Area control surveillance rating course
  • Refresher courses for all ATS disciplines
  • Assessment courses for all ATS disciplines

Air Traffic Services General courses

  • On the Job Training Instructor course
  • Safety Management Systems course
  • Team Resource Management course
  • Train the Trainer course
  • Human factors course
  • ATA is approved to assess the English Language Proficiency for Air Traffic Controllers at all levels of the ICAO language proficiency ratings scale


Contact us at the ATA office for more information.

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