The most trusted online resource for management essentials, Harvard Manage Mentor provides access to action-oriented information on 18 key management topics, developed under the guidance of world-renowned experts, practitioners, and business leaders. Each of the 18 topics contains research-based content and
engaging resources and tools, along with new instruments, services and reporting capabilities to help organizations demonstrate the impact of the learning experience.

Register for any aviation Distance Learning or classroom course and add access to these modules.
➢ Access given to all 18 modules.
➢ Online access valid for a six-month period
➢ Complete a minimum of 10 online modules in addition to your registered course
➢ Modules completed and assessed online
➢ Each module takes 2-6 hours to complete
➢ Modules focus on soft skills and managerial topics

Who should attend:
➢ Aviation Distance Learning delegates
➢ Travel & Tourism Distance Learning delegates